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Crystal Infused Bath Salts Infused with Vitamins + Minerals

"This range sits close to our hearts. It's our family recipe we personally created in our very own kitchen at a time in our life when we needed it most"  Co-Founder, Lauren 

Our Bath Salts range has helped Wyatt + I through our darkest of days - it was so soul-fulfilling we wanted to share them with you all. 

Here's why you're going to love our Crystal Infused Bath Salts.

Our Crystal Infused Bath Salts:

✨100% Infused with Natural Vitamins and Minerals - Vitamin A, B1, E, along with Omega 6 + Omega 9 - a blend of natural ingredients allowing you to relax + restore whist deeply nourishing the skin.

✨ Bring calm & relaxation into the mind as well as relieving the body of any tension + stress

✨ Ensures you STOP and take a moment to yourself practicing some self care

✨ Deeply hydrates the skin leaving it feel smooth + soft

With life getting busier and things always happening all at once, our Crystal Infused Bath Salts are going to be your best friend!

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