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Our Journey

As a mother to three beautiful boys & a wife to an incredible husband, its fair to say life is a little chaotic inside our house-hold at times....
Ok... lets say daily...🤗
During Covid-19 2020, we were reconnected to our love of crystals & having seen first hand, how crystals had a positive impact on our gorgeous son, Wyatt.
Meet Wyatt, my eldest son 9, and Co-Founder of Three Suns. 
Wyatt was diagnosed with ADHD, Dyslexia + Anxiety in 2019 – each day is a little different for our beautiful Wyatt, some are harder than others as he starts to grasp the challenges that come with his learning and behavioural challenges, but he does so with strength and courage each day which makes us very proud parents.
Wyatt re-discovered our old crystal collection during lockdown and he started using these crystals naturally for his own emotional support. Wyatt found the crystals were able to support & help him control his emotions. Now crystals have become a part of his daily life and routine, he carries them everywhere and they have had a truly profound effect on Wyatt's life.


This was the moment Three Suns came to life! 

Wyatt and I decided we wanted to share our love + positive energy to those all around the universe who feel they may need it. Together we delicately create + hand-pour our crystal infused products using 100% Australian Ingredients.
We hope when you experience our creations, you are taken on a beautiful journey. One that inspires, uplifts and empowers you.
Our aspiration was always to bring a little of our world into your space and we can’t wait to start seeing you enjoy our creations. 
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Please note this information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your health care professional to discuss your personal suitability for the use of these products. Crystals are a wonderful tool to support you in your wellness journey but should not be used in place of medical treatment where required. Please chat with your healthcare provider if you are experiencing anxiety as a condition or symptom - and always know, you are not alone xx