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Let us reward you!

We absolutely love and adore our TS FAMILY & we also love to give back to our community as much as we can.
This is why we have set up a TS STAR reward program that allows you to save each time you shop with us 😍
How it works?
Every time you shop with us, you will be rewarded!
Every $1 spent = 1 STAR 
Every referral = 10% OFF
Which means we are basically rewarding you every time you order!!
How to Redeem?
To start claiming your TS STARS all you have to do is:
  • Log into your account OR Create an account at checkout 
  • To apply your STARS simply click on 'STAR' icon on the bottom right hand side of page.
  • Select 'Ways to Redeem' and choose how many STARS you wish to apply to your order. Min. STARS required to claim is 100. 
  • You will then receive a unique code that can be added as you checkout and your TS STARS will then be applied.

We hope our TS STAR rewards, show you how much we love and adore you as a TS FAMILY member!

Be sure to tell all of your family and friends about us and we will reward you with 10% OFF your next order PLUS your friends/family so you both can start saving!!
We can't wait for our products to wrap you with so much love + positivity like you deserve!