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White Sage + Palo Santo + Selenite | CLEANSING BUNDLE

Sage, Palo Santo & Selenite are essential in purifying, clearing negative energy, calming anxiety, reducing stress and ensuring you rid your space of harmful bacteria. Yes it's true, Sage can kill 90% of airborne bacteria.

Our cleansing bundle comes with an embellishment of beautifully hand sewn crystals to ensure you are surrounded with further love, protection & calmness whilst you cleanse.


The easiest and most popular way to tune into the benefits of white sage is by burning the dried leaves. This ritual is known as sage smudging – and it is practiced by burning a bundle of dried sage and then directing the smoke onto the areas that you want to clear or protect.

As the bundle is burning and the smoke spirals, wafts, and begins to fill your space, it is cleansing. As you are burning white sage it’s important to express gratitude & express your intention for why you're burning sage in the first place.

The smoke attaches to negative energies, and as the smoke then begins to dissipate it transforms those negative energies into universal energy.  And so, your intention for cleansing, clearing and protection is fulfilled.

This adorable bundle comes with:

  • Selenite10-13cms– A stone for clarity and guidance, Its purpose is to support to ‘clear your mind’ and brings strength in decision making and heighten your self-awareness. The gentle healing qualities of selenite can be used to provide protection from negative energy to create a safe and quiet space with a peaceful atmosphere. Selenite cleanses crystals renewing their energy, be sure to place next to your collection.
  • Palo Santo 9-10cm - this should be burnt after cleansing with Sage. The Palo Santo will bring in the positive energy.
  • Mini White Sage 10-12cms -smudge stick embellished with a crystal chunk, to ensure you are surrounded by love, protection, and calmness.

Affirmation: As I cleanse my home, I cleanse my mind, body, and soul.

Please remember all our pieces are beautifully hand created. Our sage is found in earthy places all over the world. This means each piece is unique and may slightly differ in shape/colour. At ThreeSuns, we ensure we pick the perfect piece for you. Price is per bundle; the picture represents the quality and size you can expect to receive.

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