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Lois’ | Candle of Healing | Black Tourmaline and Moonstone

Lime and Lemongrass Scented Candle

| Healing, Letting Go, Resilience |

‘In loving memory of our beloved Grandmother, Irene Lois’, who lost her fight to Cancer in 2014’

Lois’ is a candle for anyone who is experiencing loss or grief of any kind. It allows you to relax + bring your emotions to the surface so that you can acknowledge and release them. The combination of crystals promotes inner balance in your life whilst it holds your hand as you work through the different stages of healing.

Lemongrass + Lime

On first inhale, experience the calming fragrance of Lemongrass infused with Italian Lemon + Pink Grape Fruit. Delicate notes of Caramel & Eucalyptus fill your space, while the burst of Lily + Lemongrass bursts through the air, uplifting the mood and elevating any tensions or stresses that the day may bring.

All of our candles are sprinkled with Clear Quartz, which amplify all of the properties of the crystals that surround it, bringing you more support and love than you have ever seen before.

  • Size 285Grams 
  • 55+ hours burn time.
  • 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free, Natural Soy wax, Eco-friendly, Cotton lead free wicks, Highest quality fragrance oils.
  • Hand poured with love within Sydney, Australia.

Note – Three Suns candles are soulfully hand-made in Sydney Australia. Small embellishment crystals sprinkled on top of each candle may vary from candle to candle and may differ from those pictured, as each candle is handmade individually with love + care.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jojo C.

Absolutely love this scent. My new favourite 😍

Stacey C.
Thank you!

My husband and I are so in love with this candle. We purchased it to honour our son who we lost during pregnancy in Feb. This candle sits with his urn and we light it when we feel we need some healing energy. The scent is divine. Thank you.



Begajeta O.

I am so in love with this candle! Not only does anything to do with lime make me super happy but the addition of moonstone absolutely lights up my soul. Love lighting this candle up when I feel emotionally blocked or a bit weighed down.

Taylah H.

I have never loved a candle so much! Picked this up at a local store and fell in love so bought this and a few others. This will always be my favourite, the colours of the crystals and the scent are a match made in heaven! Beautifully made with love!