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Small White Sage Crystal Wand | CLEARING

Sage, is essential in purifying, clearing negative energy, calming anxiety, reducing stress and ensuring you rid your space of harmful bacteria. Yes it's true, Sage can kill 90% of airborne bacteria.

Each one of our sage sticks comes packed inside our Three Suns Bag + a FREE crystal chunk, in order to help support + protect + empower you through out your cleansing experience. 

Note: Stones are selected by us, chosen for you.

How to use Sage;

Think about why you are smudging, the intention and what you want to achieve. Holding that intention, light the sage and gently blow it out to allow to smolder.

To smudge yourself or someone else, swirl the smudging wand gently around the person, from head to toe. This will cleanse their aura.

To smudge your space, open the windows and walk through the area with the smudging wand, allowing the smoke to get into all the corners and cupboards of the space allowing the smoke to attach to negative energies, and as the smoke then begins to dissipate it transforms those negative energies into universal energy.  And so, your intention for cleansing, clearing and protection is fulfilled.

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