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Candle Gits Australia, Meaningful Candles - Three Suns

Finding that perfect gift!

Amidst these wacky times, the power of a thoughtful gift has skyrocketed. With social distancing leaving us feeling like stranded mermaids, we're all aching for some TLC from our peeps. Luckily, receiving a personalized gift that hits all the right feels can make us feel like the bees' knees! It's kind of like getting a warm hug or a hot chocolate on a chilly day; it lifts us up and makes everything feel alright. Whether it's a heart-melting message, or a Three Suns gift that screams "you," a thoughtful gift can be the glue that keeps us all together, even when we're apart.
Gifting is no piece of cake, that's for sure! With endless options to choose from, picking the perfect present for your loved one can feel impossible. But worry not! Our crystal infused candles come to the rescue with a curated selection of thoughtful gifts that will make everyone from your mum, sister, bestie, hubby, and even your grandma, feel extra special!

Loz Christmas Pick #1 - Candle Of Love
If you're looking to show someone you care, the Candle of Love is your wingman! It's like a hug in a jar, with a heavenly aroma of creamy gelato and caramel frost, perfect for spreading warmth and joy all around your home. It's the kind of gift that'll make your loved one's heart burst with love, like a big cozy blanket of affection.
The Candle Of Love, Crystal Infused Candle

Loz Christmas Pick #2 - Candle Of Positivity

Behold, The Candle of Positivity! Infused with carnelian and white quartz, it's like holding a ray of sunshine in your hands. With the scent of sweet coconut, it's the perfect way to level up any room with good vibes and positive energy. A gift that screams "I care," anyone who receives it will bask in the warm glow of appreciation.

Loz Christmas Pick # 3 - Luxury Trio Sets
You need to get your hands on our Trio Candle Gift Sets - the Clarity, Balance, and Hope trio! Trust us, these candles are the ultimate way to unwind after a big day. They make for the perfect gift for anyone who loves a little self-care time. Plus, you'll save a whopping $20 when you grab this trio, making it a total steal! Don't miss out on this one, folks!
Trio Gift Set

Hunting for the ideal present for your dear ones can be like a game of hide and seek. But we are here for you!! Our stunning collection of crystal infused products is here to save the day. Whether it's our enchanting Candle of Love or our confidence-boosting Candle of Positivity, or even our trio gift sets, we've got something for everyone. These sweet treats are sure to light up their day and make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Happy shopping! I hope this holiday season is an unforgettable one!
Loz xx