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Room Sprays

The Three Suns Home Fragrance Collection are delicately created for you within Sydney, Australia. Our Room Sprays are designed to uplift + restore your space whilst providing you with ongoing healing + protection as well as a consistent aroma inside your home. Each Room Spray has a matching candle + diffuser counterpart, working hand in hand to ensure your homes are filled with love + light as well as positive energies. Our Room Sprays are free of all nasties and are 100% safe ingredients. Kid and pet approved‚≠źÔłŹ

  1. Safi' | The Room Spray Of Clarity | Coastal Breeze
  2. Laken | The Room Spray Of Positivity | Magnolia & Coconut
  3. Lois' | The Room Spray Of Healing | Lemongrass & Lime
  4. Danial | The Room Spray Of Protection | Coconut & Lime
  5. Mia' | The Room Spray Of Balance | Watermelon
  6. Wyatt | The Room Spray Of Strength | Spiced Cinnamon & Pear
  7. Room Spray Pump