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Tea Lights

Introducing Three-Suns Hand-Poured Soy Tealights, the perfect way to bring tranquility and love into your living space. These exquisite tealights are infused with sparkling crystals that have been carefully hand-embellished, making each one truly unique. With their delicate beauty and powerful energy, these tealights are sure to brighten up your day and create a calming atmosphere in any room. Made from high-quality soy wax, they burn cleanly and evenly, filling your home with a warm, comforting glow. Whether you're looking to set the mood for a romantic evening or simply unwind after a long day, Three-Suns Hand-Poured Soy Tealights are the perfect choice. Order yours today and experience the beauty and magic for yourself!

  1. Agapi | Creamy Vanilla Gelato + Caramel Frost Soy Tealight box of 10
  2. Danial | Coconut + Lime Soy Tealight Box of 10
  3. Sold Out
  4. Kori | Cocktails + Dreams Soy Tealight Box of 10
  5. Laken | Coconut + Magnolia Soy Tealight Box of 10
  6. Lois | Lemongrass + Lime Soy Tealight Box of 10
  7. Mia | Watermelon Soy Tealight Box of 10
  8. Safi | Coastal Breeze Soy Tealight Box of 10
  9. Wyatt | Spiced Pear + Cinnamon Soy Tealight Box of 10
  10. Individual Sample Crystal Infused Tea Lights