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Natural Crystal Infused Fragrance Oil Diffuser Collection

Natural Fragrance Oil Diffusers with Raw Crystals Fill Your Home with Beauty and Positive Energy

Three Suns Crystal Infused Diffusers are sure to be a crowd stopper. If our unique blends of fragrances don't knock your socks off, the colour and opulence will be sure to. Our diffusers are great for ongoing protection & perfect for those who love a consistent aroma inside their space. Each diffuser has a matching candle counterpart, working hand in hand to ensure your homes are filled with love as well as positive energies in order to brighten your day! 
Did we mention... Our Eco-Friendly diffuser base uses a glycerin-based solvent which is a non-toxic and non-flammable property. By choosing a product using a glycerin-base, you’re choosing an environmentally friendly option that lowers your carbon footprint - YAY for you!! 
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