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Kori' | The Room Spray Of Hope | Cocktails & Dreams

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Do you feel like you need the light to shine and guide you to a brighter tomorrow?

Kori is like your own personal cheerleader, always in your corner, cheering you on and helping you keep a positive outlook on life. Even when things get a bit tricky, Kori is there to remind you that there's always a silver lining and brighter days on the horizon. And if you're feeling a bit down, Cocktails + Dreams is the perfect scent to lift your spirits and transport you to a happy place. This fruity blend of ripe raspberry, green apple, sweet orange, and pear is like a delicious cocktail for your senses!


Spray your Three Suns luxury room spray into the center of the room, to scent your home with the favourite Three Suns Scent. The fragrance is impactful but never overpowering and will leave your space smelling fresh + vibrant for hours.

Size: 125ml


Our Eco-Friendly Room Spray base, specifically designed to provide maximum fragrance dispersion is: Environmentally friendly, Glycerin based solvent – renewable source, Sustainable – a great alternative to petrochemical based solvents, Not Flammable, Lower carbon Footprint Non-Toxic

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Customer Reviews

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Samantha W.

This one is sweet and yummy. I love using this one in my room and on my bed spread to mask the smell of dog. Even my partner loves to spray this whenever he gets his hands on it.

Kylie K.

This was something I was hoping Three-Suns would release. Simply elegant and so fresh. I adore their room sprays. Once again nailed it