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A Beginners Guide To Crystals - ThreeSuns

A Beginners Guide To Crystals

Did you know that humans have relied on the power of crystals to find support, strength, and love for thousands of years? Traditionally used by those in the know, crystals are now increasingly being sought after by individuals everywhere looking for natural and alternative ways to calm their mind and energise their soul.

If you’re not familiar with the healing properties of crystals already, here’s a simple roundup of what you need to know.

Why use Crystals?

Crystals are believed to have stabilising properties, helping us find peace and freedom from anxieties or stress.

Our bodies can experience clashing and conflicting emotions as we journey through life, with many factors throwing our inner harmony into a sentence of imbalance. Whether you are suffering from the loss of a loved one, feeling stressed about work or simply feeling down, you may find that through their unique stabilising energies, crystals may help you restore a sense of calm and clarity.

Whilst they are most used to help find mental strength, some may also experience physical pain relief and enhanced immunity through their regular practice of crystal healing.

How to Choose a Crystal?

It is generally believed that a crystal will choose the person, rather than the other way around. However, if you want to narrow your search, you should consider what you are seeking to achieve.

Here is a list of our commonly favoured crystals that we use inside our creations which you may find helpful for yourself or to gift to a loved one:

 Amethyst - Used inside our Candle of Tranquility, is believed to enhance spiritual awareness and tranquility. This is perfect for those who suffer from anxiety and stress looking to de-stress from the challenges of daily life.

Black Tourmaline - Found inside both The Candle of Healing + The Candle of Protection, is believed to help protect you from negative energies. Those who feel they get weighed down from external energy may find this a useful product to cleanse their energy and environment from negative, harmful auras.

Rose Quartz - Placing this candle inside your home or office, next to your bed or whilst relaxing in the tub, this candle will allow you to experience first-hand the immediate feeling of Love, Serenity, and Calmness, filling your soul with love.

Citrine - Believed to invite happiness and positivity into one’s life. A beautiful stone that can be placed around the house, citrine is also a unique crystal that does not require cleansing.

However, it is widely believed that the crystal candle most suited to your energy will find you. By picking up various crystals, you may notice that one seems to pull you more than others - trust that this crystal has chosen you.

How to Cleanse your Crystal?

Cleansing your crystal will help strengthen your connection to it. You can do this by simply soaking it in salty water or holding the stone under running water.

After cleansing, be sure to hold it close to you and reaffirm what you are seeking from it. You can ask it to guide you, cleanse negative energies or help you heal from an illness or pain.

Where Should I Keep my Crystal?  

You can choose to keep it anywhere that you find helpful. This may be beside your bed, around your home or in your office. Some may even choose to keep it on their person, by slipping it into their handbag, pocket or setting it in a piece of jewelry.

Wherever you choose to place it, ensure you keep your crystal close to you so that you can let its energies truly connect with you.

Have you found Crystal Candles/Products to help you? Let us know in the comments below which crystal you have found to be the most powerful for you.


Written by Three-Suns.