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How to Recycle Our Three Suns Vessels - Three Suns

How to Recycle Our Three Suns Vessels

Has your favourite Three Suns Candle all finished + you are unsure what to do with your vessel??  OR are you unsure as to how you can keep your gorgeous crystals from within your candles? (Which hold all of your own energy inside them btw)

Its ok, we’ve got you!!!

Below we will show you just how simple it is to recycle our beautiful vessels PLUS how you can collect your crystal stones.

Step 1 # - Stop burning your candle when it reaches 10mm to bottom.

Crystal Infused Vessel Recycle

Step 2 # - Turn on the kettle/hot water pot and pour carefully into the vessel and let it sit for 2mins. You will see the bubbles starting to surface.

Step 3 # - Using a spoon, gentle stir, the wax until it dissolves until you find no white wax is left, only liquid.

Step 4 # - Use a sifter or grater to catch the crystal stones as you pour the water from the vessel out.

Step 5 # - Rinse with more hot water to get the slippery wax off your crystal stones.

Step 6 # - Once clean, pat dry with paper towel + keep safe.

Step 7 # - Wipe the inside of the vessel with a paper towel until sparkly clean

Step 8 # -Recycle your vessel and use them as a plant or cactus pot, storage containers, Makeup Brush holders OR  container for jewelry/pencils etc.

Written By Three Suns Pty Ltd