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How to Remove Unwanted Energy From Your Space - ThreeSuns

How to Remove Unwanted Energy From Your Space

Have you ever come home after a bad day & you can feel the negative energy weighing you down? We have all been there, right?!

Do you have that one friend who tends to always unload on you? (hey? Your a wonderful person, and that’s what friends are for!) but sometimes, it can leave us feeling a little blue. This is why it is so important to find a quiet place & follow our cleansing self clearing ritual. It will leave you feeling amazing plus it will cleanse your mind and soul & allow you every opportunity to wake up feeling the best you possibly can. 

The easiest way to do this is by following a few of our key steps below:

Tool we suggest you use on the weekly;

The Candle/Diffuser of Protection + Sage Stick + Palo Santo + Selenite

Step 1 – Place your Candle or Diffuser of Protection at the entry way of your home/Space - this will ensure that your cleansing ritual keeps your space as clean as possible, even the worst energy downer cannot break through this barrier.

Step 2 - Burn the ends of your sage stick until it is lit, and gentle blow it out so that it smokes.

By burning the dried leaves of the white sage, is a well-known ritual known as sage smudging – and it is practiced by burning a bundle of dried sage and then directing the smoke onto the areas that you want to clear or protect.

Step 3 – Move the sage wands around yourself/others/your space to cleanse.

As the bundle is burning and the smoke spirals, wafts, and begins to fill your space, it is cleansing.

Step 4 – Express Gratitude.

Affirmation: As I cleanse my space/home, I cleanse my mind, body, and soul.

As you are burning white sage it’s important to express gratitude & express your intention for why you're burning sage in the first place.

The smoke attaches to negative energies, and as the smoke then begins to dissipate it transforms those negative energies into universal energy.  And so, your intention for cleansing, clearing and protection is fulfilled.

Step 5 – Put the sage out by placing it in a fire proof bowl – the glow end down, unless you continue to blow, producing smoke

Step 6 – Ignite your Palo Santo stick allowing to burn for 30-60 seconds then blow out. Burn the ends of your Palo Santo and gentle blow it out so it smokes. Continue to follow steps 2-4 as above.

Palo Santo will bring in the positive energy you deserve and need.

Step 7 - Ensure your "Protection Diffuser OR Candle" are placed in all corners of any main areas of your office/home to support you during any difficult situations & to keep a barrier up between you & any bad energy that enters your space. 

All of our cleansing tools can be found HERE. 

We would love to hear how this ritual has helped you? 

Written By Three Suns Pty Ltd