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Candle Refills

Refill & SAVE 15% off original product.

Transform your candle game and help the environment with Three Suns candle jar refills! Simply insert them into your empty Three Suns candle glassware, available in a variety of fragrances including core candles and ceramics scents.

How do I order refill candles?

Purchase your FAV Three Suns refill scent below.

Enjoy your original candle until approx. œ cm of wax remains and then you are ready to clean your jar. See how HERE

How does it work?

To replace the wax in your Three Suns candle vessel, follow these simple steps HERE to cleanse the glassware before inserting the new candle.

It's important to note that our refills are specifically designed for Three Suns vessels and may not fit other containers. Additionally, please remember to only burn the candle within the jar and not as a pillar candle.

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