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Xmas Mystery Boxes - Valued over $300+ for ONLY $99!!


E.g. of what you may find inside:

1 x Diffuser $54.95

1 x Large Candle $44.95

1 x Glass 380gram Candle $49.95

1 x Bath Salt $34.95

1 x Mini Candle $26.95

1 x Room Spray $32

1 X Tealight OR Melt Box $26.95

1 x Bauble $18.95

1 x Gift Card $6.95

1 x Sample Melt/Tealight $3.95


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Such a beautiful pack

Wanted to thank you for this beautiful pack. The mystery box was hand sourced with lovely pieces from your range and I couldn’t be happier it was just what I needed! I have fallen in love with your beautiful products! I will definitely be buying more candles!

Lisa N.
These boxes are just totally amazing

These boxes are filled with love and all your favourite goodies, they smell amazing, . These are awesome value and just absolutely delightful to keep all for yourself or divide with your friends, they are jam packed full , cards , beautiful sayings , candles , there is just so much love 💕, it is like the most beautiful box to unwrap . Would Love a lot more of these

Helen M.
Such a special pack

Wanted to thank you again for this beautiful and such a special pack. The mystery box was hand sourced with beautifully picked pieces from your range and I couldn’t be happier. As always, you have beautiful products and are the only candles to ever have in this household! I will definitely be buying more room fragrance; devine!

Amanda R.
Delightful selection of goodies!!

I was so impressed by the beautiful packaging and amazing selection of candles and other goodies - and well below normal price. A great way to try different products- I planned to give some away but I love them all too much:) I have them in each room and they make me so happy. I’ll look out for the next chance to buy a mystery box for sure:)

Susan T.
Makes you feel like a kid at Christmas

Oh, these are so much fun--and packed with so much value. My daughter and I compete to be first to spot the box, often stalking the postie on delivery days (no Australia Post employees have been harmed!). I will likely buy one of these every time there is an opportunity, as the value is unmatched, and if some of the scents are not for you (I haven't had that problem yet!), they make excellent, high quality gifts. I wish I'd thought to buy an extra for Mother's Day or Christmas--but I'll be ready next time. Unpacking these amazing little (big!) boxes of joy really does feel just like Christmas morning. Speaking of which, I know what will top of my wishlist this year!! And it feels so great to support a small, family-run business rather than an offshore conglomerate. I recently visited the warehouse and witnessed real (lovely) people making real products. No mechanical assembly lines in sight. How many companies can we say that about these days? Keep up the good work, Three Suns!! We all need more joy in our lives.