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Being a mother of five, a business owner, and a homeowner can be a lot to manage in any situation. Especially during the current pandemic, many of us are feeling additional stress and financial pressures. Me included 😟

The only way that our little family can survive this chaos is to ensure that our family is staying on track and that we’re budgeting accordingly.

One key element in managing our stress, and our finances, is to be highly organized. Making a list of day-to-day tasks, upcoming obligations, and financial goals helps us as a family ensure that we are staying on top of everything.

Additionally, we have set up a budget and tracking spreadsheet that lists all of our expenses that help us to stay on track and avoid overspending.

Another helpful tip we found helps us, is to focus on what you can control. With so much uncertainty in the world, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Taking time to focus on the things you can control can help to reduce stress and make budgeting easier.

Finally, don’t forget to take time for yourself. It’s important to make time for self-care and relaxation, light your favorite Three Suns Candle, run a bath and unwind, even if it’s just for a few minutes each day. Taking breaks to unplug and relax can help you to feel more energized and motivated to tackle your day-to-day tasks and financial goals.

Being organized, budgeting, and taking time for yourself are all key elements I have found have helped our little family to stay on track and ensuring that our family is secure. It may not work for everyone, though this has really helped our mindset & our stress levels during this ever-changing world.


Lozi H